Powder Coated

Powder Coated Crowd Control Barriers

Powder-coated crowd control barriers are increasingly used to create the construction sites that health and safety inspectors dream of and are entirely in line with current guidelines. You can choose any color; our red and white crowd control barriers are most popular on construction sites. Our black barriers are mainly used for activities and nightclubs. Our green crowd control barricades are used in parks and other green areas… We can also provide you or your customers with accurate color matching to finish high gloss and high caliber coating. These barriers can match any ral color code.

Feature of Powder Coated Crowd Control Barriers

  • Standard powder coating pedestrian barriers are red or white
  • Custom made in blue, black, green, orange and yellow
  • Custom colors can be applied as required
  • High grade galvanized metal pipe structure
  • Built-in hooks can easily connect the crowd control barriers
  • Easy to move, one person in place
  • One-piece frame structure
  • Fixed heavy foot / leg for stability
  • Legs offset for stacking.

Powder Coated Crowd Control Barriers Have a good reputation in the U.S. and Australian markets, and we deliver fences that go around the earth. We cherish every opportunity to cooperate with new and old customers, ensure our quality and service, and provide consistent quality. We look forward to working with professional customers to develop and expand the global market according to local styles and specifications. Welcome to inquire more information of crowd control barriers

powder coated crowd control barriers are the industry standard for outdoor crowd control. Made of steel, it provides excellent weather protection and permanent outdoor storage. Our powder-coated crowd control barriers barrier interlock uses a simple hook mechanism to prevent an obstacle from being removed in a row of consecutive obstacles. Equipped with detachable feet; flat feet (for horizontal surfaces and minimizing the risk of tripping), or bridge feet (for the grass or uneven terrain).


These powder-coated crowd control barriers are the perfect choice for crowd control duties in venues and the best choice for the safety protection of pedestrians and workers at the construction site. The one-piece design uses 38mm galvanized steel pipes to form the whole frame to increase strength and durability. They are competent for demanding jobs. The set feet on these safety rails are firmly welded and offset to facilitate stacking. As a standard, these crowd barriers have a galvanized metal finish. If ordered in sufficient quantities, these crowd barriers can be sprayed with powder of other colors when required.


we can make powder-coated crowd control barriers. Color PVC powder coating gives the product a variety of colors. Black, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, etc. Crowd control barrier, also known as a pedestrian barrier, is an effective method of crowd control and site division. The products are widely used in public places, such as activity places, sports grounds, public assembly, demonstrations, outdoor, etc. Music Festival, concert. They have the following functions:

  • ·Direct pedestrian traffic.
  • ·Keep the crowd in the designated area.
  • ·Protect the closed area.
  • ·Specify a space for the line.
  • ·Control large gatherings.
  • ·Stop drivers and pedestrians from entering.
  • ·Create the assigned walkway.
  • · Crowd Control Barriers can also use it in construction site and road engineering
  • Crowd control barriers provide security for customers and the public during events and gatherings. They provide a quick and effective barrier and are ideal for all situations where public attention needs to be diverted or kept away.