Pre-Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers

Compared with Batch Galvanized or Hot-dipped Galvanized, it is a much cheaper anti-corrosion treatment way. Certainly, Pre-galvanized Crowd Control Barriers are One of the Cheapest Metal Barriers.

What is pre-galvanized? When steel components are used to fabricate a more complex finished product, they may be galvanized before the final product is assembled. This is what is known as pre-galvanization, or “pre-gal.” It may also be called “in-line,” “continuous,” or “mill” galvanizing.

BOSS METAL’s Crowd Control Barrier is Manufacturing according to CE Certification. We are EN 1090 and ISO 3834 Certified Crowd Control Barrier Factory.  You can find High-Quality Crowd Control Barriers from us with nice strong welding lines and tested high-grade steel raw material.


  • 1. Interlock: interlock makes our crowd control barrier easy to use
  • 2. High quality: we consider all aspects and control our crowd barriers in quality. (steel, welding, loading, compatibility, etc.)
  • 3. Safety: ensure the safety of the crowd control bar through physical inspection.
  • 4. Durability: boss metal pedestrian barriers are recycling barriers. Our galvanizing and surface treatment make the guardrail have a longer service life. If you buy crowd control barriers from well-made, you’ll enjoy more of the benefits of recycling. As a result, our customers are crowd control obstacle sellers and obstacle rental companies.