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Our temporary pool fencing item is easily set up utilizing a mix of our blow molded concrete feet and temporary fence clamps. BMP temporary swimming pool fence panels can be used for domestic and commercial applications by supplying a safe environment on new projects or remodeling an existing swimming pool location. They have numerous outstanding functions, consisting of a specifically created foot and a consistent gap of 100mm between ground and panel. They are lightweight for easy packing, unloading and setup while providing strong performance. The robust structure can be quickly moved throughout the construction procedure without requiring star pickets, short-lived fence stays or bracing.

temporary pool fencing panels

We provide householders with building pools in addition to pool market contractors and fencing contractors. Many consumers from the swimming pool building industry or permanent fence business bring a supply of portable swimming pool fencing to extend their service offering.

Our Temporary Pool Fence Sets have several outstanding features, consisting of:

A specially designed foot that allows constant space of 100mm in between ground and panel
The robust structure to be quickly moved without the requirement for star pickets
Self-closing latched gate offered for secure and safe gain access to
Strong assembly, so no need for short-term fencing stays/bracing
Developed and manufactured by Australian Basic AS 1926.1-2007 Pool Security, Part 1: Security barriers for swimming pools

Specifications Temporary Pool Fencing Panels

Dimension 2300X1350X32mm
Aperture 100mm between vertical poles
Material Galvanised Steel Pipe
Color/Finish Hot Dipped Galvanised after welding
Weight 15kgs/pcs

temporary pool fencing is developed specifically to cater to swimming pool safety throughout the installation and building. All panels are hot dip galvanized for durability in all climate conditions, and their specifications satisfy the compliance regulations of many council bodies. We also offer a budget-friendly self-closing entry gate for safe and safe access through your short pool fence.

Pool Fencing Blocks

The BMP temporary pool fencing feet are blow molded, concrete filled and developed to enable the short-term pool panel and short-term swimming pool gate to fit nicely inside the feet. This ensures the panel and gate are securely locked into position. Both the panel and gate stand vertically upright and provide a protected barrier around the pool/spa area when combined with the temporary pool fence/gate clamp.


Security Orange for increased exposure
UV and an anti-aging five-year warranty
Easy to use and fit
Blow molded plastic base
The swimming pool panel fits securely into the position
The superior style for easy handling.
Quality mold for the harshest market environments
Perfect for use for an entrance into the safe swimming pool and medical spa locations during installation.


UV 5 treated temporary pool fencing blocks service life five years+ available customized any clours inside fill MPA 425 concrete.

Length 620MM
Width 230MM
Height 90MM
Empty Weight options 0.90kg /1.0kg/1.2kg/1.4kg/2.00kg
After filling concrete, Weight 15kg
Packing Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
Feature parallel hole 25mm 28mm 42mm 38mm 40mm 42mm 48mm and so on
Materials HDPE 5502

Self-Closed Temporary Pool Fencing Gates

The BMP temporary Pool Fencing Gates are developed for pool security when getting in and leaving the pool/spa location during installation or building and construction and when refurbishing existing pool/spa locations. The BMP temporary pool gate needs to be used with the BMP temporary swimming pool panels, short-lived pool fence clamps, and blow molded concrete feet. It is also highly recommended that a security lock setup (not included) is fitted to eviction, permitting safe entry into the pool/spa location during swimming pool installation/construction or remodeling of the pool/spa area.


Height 1100 mm
Length 1800 mm
Width 32mm
Weight 20.5 kg


Easy to maneuver while being strong enough for the Australian environment
Keep temp fence upright in windy conditions
Hot dipped galvanized after welding
Easy to install– up and running in minutes
Developed to hold up against extreme worksite conditions
Flat foot design to prevent journey hazards
Closing mechanism/latch, hinges, signing up with couplers, and short-term swimming pool feet (not included.
This gate DOES NOT adhere to Australian Standard A.S. 1926
Perfect for use for an entrance into the protected pool and spa locations throughout the installation.

Temporary Pool Fencing Clamps

BMP 100mm temporary pool fencing clamps are created to add strength and stability when connecting the fence panels. They are the ideal size to utilize with our essential short-term fence stays, panels and feet, as well as BMP short-term pool fencing, panels, gate and feet. These clamps are likewise hot dipped galvanized for toughness and designed to withstand all website and Australian weather. Our temp fence clamps, an integral part of a temperature fencing installation, are simple to install with essential hand tools.

Our short-lived pool fence clamps include the central nut bolt, making protecting two panels easy and quick. We develop and manufacture the most excellent quality momentary fence clamps for our item variety of panels, pool fences, stays and barriers. Our clamps are also suitable for the bulk of other market standard panels. We can provide all Australian markets requiring safe and secure clamps. We develop and produce the most excellent quality temporary fence clamps for our item variety of panels, swimming pool fences, barriers and stays. Our clamps are likewise designed to suit the bulk of other industry standard panels. We can supply all Australian markets requiring secure temporary pool fencing clamps.


Hot dipped galvanized steel
Designed to stand up to website conditions
Ideal for momentary pool fencing
Easy to install
Protected clamp to fencing pipes
User-friendly with standard hand tools
Hold up against severe environments
We ensure our clamps vilify your expectations as a robust and safe fixing component.

Specification of temporary pool fencing clamps

100mm /4″ center distance Temporary Fence Clamps for Outer Diameter Temp Fence Post
Thickness of Clips General Standard 3.75mm-4.00mm Available customized
Finish Hot dipped galvanized in zinc bath pool minimum zinc coated 42 microns /300gram/SQM.
Bolts Length available 100mm / 60mm/40mm with a 10mm and 8.00mm outer diameter
Nuts 15.9mm /17mm and so on, depending on customers’ requirements
Packing All packing in papers made carton available assemble
PHOTOS temporary pool fencing clamps

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