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Aluminum crowd control barriers systems are designed with both sides of the barrier in mind. People are the lifeblood of the entertainment business. The more people that come to your event, the happier you are, and the more successful your event will be. But when you have a more significant amount of attendees, you have an increased need for tools that help you organize, segregate, block and contain. Enter the MOJO Barriers Concert Barriers modular crowd barrier system. Mojo Barriers has an extensive array of barriers that have been designed with both you and event attendees in mind. Boss Metal knows that people on both sides of the barrier must be offered comfort, convenience, safety and security.


Aluminium alloy 6061-T6-Aluminum crowd control barriers
Silver, black or customized
Carton, Metal pallet or as requested
1.1M*1M*1.2M & 1.0(W)*1.25(D)*1.2(H)m
Barrier Type
Regular Barrier; Open Door Barrier; Folding Plate Barrier; Cable Through Barrier; Corner Barrier
Stress Resistance
Surface Treatment
Mill Finish(Silver); Powder Coated(Black Or Other Colors)
Large-scale events or isolated exit passageway in public places
Aluminum crowd control barriers Merit
Beautiful and lightweight, fast to install, and can be folded to save shipping costs.


Aluminum mojo barriers are used at sports events, political rallies, parades, demonstrations, and outdoor and indoor performances. This model can hold cables for safe laying and protecting cables, hoses and ducts. All profiles have soft, rounded edges for maximum comfort. They fold flat after use and can be stacked on dollies for easy transport and storage.

Features & advantages Aluminum crowd control barriers

  •  The rounded top rail allows audience comfort.
  •  Top rail connects seamlessly, avoiding pinch points
  • The slop design for the bottom plate to avoid tripping.
  •   A specially designed tread plate prevents liquids from pooling
  •  Floorplates connect to form a level surface, reducing trip hazard
  •  The rear step facilitates visual and physical access to the audience
  • Solid A-frame welded aluminium construction
  • Aluminum crowd control barriers with Intelligent design enable handling without the risk of trapped fingers
  •  Perforated upright secures to the floorplate and next section with only one bolt and fixed location pins
  •  Two Special Sidelocks allow for rapid and easy assembly and disassembly one by one, firm and stable; Reinforced structure inside frame tube and brace;
  • Matched gate, adjustable corner, cable passage sections available
  •  Location pins fix and strengthen connections and enable barriers to negotiating uneven terrain

Packing and Loading

  • Packing: Lined with plastic protective film for each barrier, ten sets into one pallet or trolley.
  • Loading Plan:
  • 1> 20’GP: 160 sets for trolley / pallet packing.
  • 2> 40’GP: 320 sets for trolley / pallet packing.
  • 3> 40’HQ: 384 sets for trolley / pallet packing.

Photo Aluminum crowd control barriers



Aluminum crowd control barriers
Aluminum crowd control barriers

Aluminum crowd control barriers

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