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How much does it cost to rent temporary fence?

A temporary fence is an excellent solution if you want to keep an area secure and private for a special event or home improvement project. Most homeowners who rent temporary fencing pay between $150 and $500 for a one-month rental of 60 linear feet, including installation. While the average cost is $350, the price varies based on the fencing materials and whether you spring extra for security features. Let’s explore how much it’ll cost to install temporary fencing on your property.

Average Cost to Install 60 Linear Feet of Temporary Fencing


Low End National Average High End
$150 $350 $500

Temporary Fencing Prices by Material and Type

The type of material typically prices temporary fencing. Fencing preventing entry is more expensive than fencing, which is a visual indicator that an area is blocked off from use.

How much does it cost to rent temporary fence? Orange Plastic Temporary Fencing?

Priced at roughly $60 for 60 linear feet, temporary orange fencing is an affordable, easily installed option that can get the job done if you’re looking for a solution for tree protection, construction areas, work-crew areas, and parking lot designations, or route guides for events.

Orange temporary fencing is not considered “safety” fencing. However, its bright visibility does draw attention when you want people to avoid specific areas on a property for safety reasons.

Barricade Temporary Fencing

Steel and vinyl barricade fences cost between $150 and $300 for 60 linear feet to rent for a month. This is a durable option that creates a physical barrier while still being lightweight enough to add to any area of a property. Barricade fencing often indicates that entryways or parking spots are off-limits. These are more pleasant-looking options than orange plastic, so they’d work for a special event or party.

Security Temporary Fencing

Considered the elite and protective option, a security fence rental can cost between $135 and $500 for 60 linear feet. Security fencing is made of durable, heavy-duty materials like metal, wire mesh, or chain link.

If you’re sourcing your fence rental from a company specializing in installing security fences, you will likely find options for fencing with a razor or barbed wires. Expect to pay $80 to $180 to install the barbed wire over the top of the temporary fencing.

how much does it cost to rent temporary fence Quotes and Labor Costs

Local fencing contractors typically charge much less to install temporary fencing than permanent fence installation costs.

Most companies offering fence rentals build delivery and installation into your quote. It’s uncommon for fencing companies to offer fixed price quotes for temporary fencing because quotes are usually personalized based on your specific needs.

Some companies will require you to rent fencing for a minimum amount of time. This is often true of security fencing due to the cost and effort of setting up heavy-duty fencing. However, some temporary fencing options can be rented hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

You may be billed for materials and labor separately. Expect to pay between $30 and $50 per every hour needed to get up your desired amount of fencing when hiring a local fence contractor to complete the installation. The process of installing temporary fencing includes installing posts roughly 10 feet apart with depths of up to 3 feet using a driver. Alternatively, your contractor may decide that installing panels on a platform is better for the terrain.

Temporary Fence Rental Cost Factors

Fencing materials, length, and rental duration all determine what your bill will shape up to be when renting temporary fencing. You may also choose to add extras to keep your area as safe as possible.

Adding a Padlock

If you’d like to install a padlock on a temporary fence, expect to pay between $20 and $40 per lock with installation and removal factored in. This may be essential protection if you’re fencing in a construction zone that might contain pricey equipment.

Fence Mesh/Fabric Shade Cloth

A shade cloth adds privacy and protection to a transparent fence. The average cost is around $200 for 60 feet of coverage.

Fence Gate

If you’d like to create access points in your temporary fencing, expect to pay between $100 and $400 per temporary fence gate measuring 3 feet by 6 feet.

Sandbag Weights

While temporary fencing is durable, it’s not as strong as permanent fencing. This is why contractors often use sandbags to help temporary fencing stand up against the wind, unstable terrain, and, yes, even looky-loos. Filled sandbag weights cost about $3 to $8 per bag for a one-month rental.

Cost to Add Temporary Fencing Yourself

If you decide to DIY the installation, you’ll need to buy the raw fencing materials and a few supplies. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Driver: $50–$300
  • Temporary fencing blocks: $1 per 16-inch block
  • Fence clamps: $5–$25 each
  • Anchors/safety stays: $1 each
  • Sandbag weights: $3–$5 each

DIY vs. Hire a Temporary Fence Installation Pro


Photo: Attasit / Adobe Stock

Installing orange plastic temporary fencing isn’t out of the league of a typical homeowner. However, metal fencing and security fencing options can be complex. Knowing how your temporary fence will interact with the soil is essential. One good rainstorm can knock down temporary fencing if it’s not installed perfectly. That’s why the first step is to assess the space within your property lines to look for things like dips in elevation, muddy spots, or uneven terrain.

You’ll also need to find property lines to ensure you’re not creeping into your neighbor’s yard. Consider professionally surveying your land if you’re unsure about boundaries.

Next, you’ll need to establish a perimeter for your fencing. You’ll also need to learn how to set the base brick-by-brick to create a sturdy foundation for your temporary fencing panels.

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