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​Temporary Fence Hire Prices

Temporary Fence Hire Prices are about the U.S. $7-10 / m per week (short-term rental)and the rental of 50 meters of temporary fence per week is about New Zealand. $500. However,
long-term employment is much cheaper. When you are employed for 12 months, you can get the same $900 for a 50m panel, and you still need to consider that when the temporary fence has been damaged, the cost of clamping down will be higher than that of hiring a temporary fence.


Hidden Cost

-Companies that charge fence rental fees will charge hidden delivery fees.
-Companies that charge extra for installation services.
-A company that charges extra for early pick-up.
-Use complex quotation systems to trick you into paying more companies.
-The company only allows full re-employment
not monthly payment

Why Hire Price is Not Same At Difference Company

Why Temporary Fence Hire Prices When it comes to how other companies price their work, there are many determinants, Such as how busy their daily expenses are. Of course,
the most significant determinant is how many jobs (if any) they will get from you in the future. Our customers quote separately for each job to ensure you get the fairest possible market price. Whether you are a building owner or others, you will be treated equally. We need to know how many meters of temporary fence you need and how long and where you work. This information is enough to determine what we need to do to protect your website.

Temporary Fence Sales Price

Gumtree’s cheapest temporary fencing panels included GST 60$ per pcs and temporary fence block 20$+. They clamped 5$+ due to the steel price and oceans freight increase this year, so maybe you should consider using a temporary fence.

Quick details products
Materials: low carbon steel wire
Corrosion resistance form: electric galvanized
hot-dipped galvanized
Features: It can quickly and easily be installed without disturbing the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.
(1) The temporary fence panel secures construction sites and private property.
(2) Temporary fencing panel of residential housing sites.
(3)Temporary fencing panel and crowd control barriers for the significant public. Events
(4) Temporary fence panel safety fencing for swimming pools
Main markets: Australia
New Zealand
European countries
Asia countries

Temporary Fence Hire Prices Sydney 0

Standard Specifications of NZ temporary fence:

Temporary fence
Australia standard welded mesh & Chain Link Mesh temporary fence panels
Wire Gauge 2.50mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5.00mm
Welded mesh opening 60x150mm, 75x75mm, 75x100mm, 60x75mm etc
Chain link mesh opening 50x50mm, 60x60mm
Fence frame pipe 25mm O.D., 32mm O.D., 40mm O.D., 42mm O.D., 48mm O.D., etc
Regular size 2.1*2.4m, 1.8*2.4m, 2.1*2.9m, or as request
Plastic feet 600*220*150mm, or 580*245*130mm
material Carbon steel wire
Surface treatment Hot-dipped galvanized or electric galvanized
different specifications are available according to your needs

Process Of Temporary Fence

material—-straighten & cut short—-welded—electric galvanized/hot-dipped galvanized

—-park rising—PVC coated /sprayed—-packing—-shipment

One Set of Australian temporary fences includes: temporary fence panels, fence block, clamp and brace as well complete fence gates system

​If you want to grab some quotes on temporary fence hire prices or temporary fence land your port cost, please contact our friendly sales people at

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